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Draw new track/route

Creates a new track/route and puts the map into drawing mode for the newly created track/route.


Allows uploading a GPX file. The contents of the file do not replace what is already there, rather, they are added.

Create from waypoints

Allows creation of a route from two or more waypoints. A dialog allows selection of what waypoints to use and in what order.

Route to here (car mode/bike mode/walk mode/as crow flies):

Does one drawing operation on a route/track in a particular drawing mode, but without changing the mode permanently.

Stop drawing

Takes the map out of drawing mode. The cursor changes from a crosshair to normal cursor, and further clicks on the map will not modify the track. (See Creating a track.)

Undo last

Reverts the last drawing operation on a track or route. This is useful if you realise it has routed a way you don't want it to go. (See Creating a track.)

Save all

Saves all the routes, tracks and waypoints on the map into a single GPX file, which is then downloaded.

Add waypoint

Adds a new waypoint onto the map at the point where you right clicked. It can then be moved to a new location by dragging.

Set default location

Stores a cookie so that when you load the site in the future, it will center on the location that you right clicked on.


(Only available when logged in.)

Uploads a route to be stored on the server and provides a URL so that it can be accessed by other users.

Undo delete

(Only available if you have just deleted a track.)

Brings a deleted track back if you have deleted it by mistake.

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