GPX Editor Subscriptions are now active

GPX Editor will always be free to use, however certain features are only available to premium subscribers.
Premium subscriptions are 20 GBP per year payable in advance and, although not required to access the site, will give access to premium features.
Payment will normally be by PayPal, however alternative methods of payment will be made available upon request to

Features that will always be free:

  • Drawing, loading and saving tracks, routes and waypoints (subject to routing limitations)
  • Editing routes and tracks
  • Viewing tracks that have been shared by either you or someone else

Features that are only available to subscribers:

  • Show elevation
  • Additional routing methods based on OSRM, configured specifically for cycling (see limitations below).
  • View total climbing figure for track based on contour counting (only works in great britain)
  • Printing (downloads a 2xA5- or 4xA6-per-page PDF of track(s) on a black and white map suitable for printing)
  • Save as TCX (instead of just GPX)
  • Share (save to public cloud) and save to private cloud
  • Reduce track to specific number of trackpoints
  • Split a track into two separate tracks (not just segment split which any user can do)
  • OpenCycleMap tile rendering

Routing limitations:

Routing mode
UK + ROI only
Not available
UK + ROI only
Not available
UK + ROI only
Not available
UK + ROI only

Please note that only the 'Shortest' routing method is Europe-wide - even for subscribers.

To subscribe, please click here or choose the yellow 'Subscribe' option from the main menu.
If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the site please email